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    Our List of Ingredients

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    Item Number

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    Record id Item Codeitem_namedescription categorycommentsdetails
    49 Summit Summit hops Details
    8 Apricot Apricot mush Details
    46 Aromatic Aromatic Malt Details
    51 BalmofGilead Balm of Gilead Details
    58 Basil Basil herb Details
    14 Bisquit Bisquit Details
    36 BlackBerries Black Berries Details
    27 BlackPatent Black Patent Malt Details
    21 CandiedGinger Candied ginger Details
    33 CaraPils Cara Pils Details
    12 Cascade Cascade Details
    50 Challenger Challenger Hops Details
    15 Chocolate Chocolate Malt Details
    74 ChocolateRye Chocolate Rye Home made. Details
    69 CocaoNibs Cocao Nibs Details
    68 Coffee Coffee Details
    18 CoffeeCherryTea Coffee Cherry Tea Details
    47 crystal120l crystal 120l Details
    31 crystal20l crystal 20l Details
    55 crystal60/80l crystal 60/80l Malt Details
    24 DarkMunich Dark Munich Details
    25 DriedChanterelles Dried Chanterelles Details
    35 DriedChilies Dried Chilies Details
    42 ElderFlowers Elde Flowers Details
    2 ESB ESB Malt ESB Malt Details
    52 Falconer’sFlight Falconer’sFlight hops Details
    28 FlakedBarley Flaked Barley Details
    38 FlakedRice Flaked Rice Details
    22 Fuggles Fuggles Hops Details
    17 Goldings Goldings Hops Details
    3 GPM Gambrines Pale Malt Pale brewing malt Details
    41 HeatherFlowers Heather Flowers Details
    4 HoctHops Halktaler hops Details
    5 Honey Honey Details
    11 IrishMoss Irish Moss Details
    67 Lactose Lactose Lactose granulated Details
    64 LemonPeal Lemon Peal Details
    66 LemonZest Lemon Zest Details
    40 MandrakeRoot Mandrake Root Mandrake Root Details
    60 MarshRosemary Marsh Rosemary a Bittering herb Details
    43 MarusOtter Marus Otter Malt Details
    30 Mauribrew Mauribrew Yest Details
    39 MidnightWheat Midnight Wheat Details
    23 Morillo Morillo Sugar Details
    9 NaCl NaCl Details
    16 NB Norther Brewer Details
    45 NottYeast Nottingham Yeast Details
    56 Nugget Nugget Hops Details
    65 OrangePeal Orange Peal Details
    20 PalmSugar Palm sugar Details
    19 Pils Pils Malt Details
    7 RB Roasted Barly Details
    75 RiceHulls Rice Hulls Details
    32 RstdPnkn Roasted Pumkin Details
    53 Rye Rye Rye Details
    73 Rye Malted Malted Rye Brewery malted. Details
    26 Saaz Saaz Hops Details
    48 safale Yeast safale Details
    10 Sprchrg SupperCharge Details
    59 SweetGale Sweet Gale Details
    72 SweetGrass Sweet Grass Details
    57 Target Target Hops Details
    70 TargetYeast Target Yeast Details
    1 Test Testing dddd Details
    13 Tettnanger Tettnanger Hops Details
    62 TurbinadoSugar Turbinado Sugar Details
    44 VictoryMalt Victory Malt Details
    37 Vienna Vienna Malt Vienna Details
    6 Wheat Wheat malt. Details
    54 WheatFlakes Wheat Flakes Flaked Wheat Details
    29 whirlflock Whirlflock Details
    71 Willlamit Willamit Yeast Details
    34 WPostoe grated potatoes (cooked) white skinned white potatoe Details
    61 Yarrow Yarrow A Bittering herb Details
    63 YeastNutrient Yeast Nutrient Details

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