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<h2>Our brew application development site</h2>

<p>This application in Alfa development. Are looking for Alfa testers Please join us and help out. <a href='/cgi-bin/index.cgi?site=Brew&view=MembersView' target='_blank' name='Member Benifets' onmouseover='See our member benifies here.'>Member benefits</a>.</p>

It can be tuned for your site and equipment. Or click the join site and we will setup a member area for you. You will be able to have your own recipes based on your system.</p>
<li>click recipe link on left.</li>
<li>choose recipe from list. add if not in list.</li>
<li>click add Recipe. Fill in the data asked for. Ingredient are added after the recipe is created. They maybe added in recipe view or in the Batch view</li>


<h2>Project development plans</h2>

<li>Recipe database 80% complete</li>
<li>Brewing log 60%</li>
<li>Temp graph 80% needs sort order fixed.</li>
<li>Temp integration into equipment 10%/li>
<li>Steem coin integration 0%</li>
<li>Skie brew Pi 1%</li>
Status Active
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