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Site name code Brew
Page Code. SiteAdminNotes
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Page Content here <p>Internal notes here
<h3>list of proposed tables and fields</h3>

<li>Recipe table
<li>recipe code
<li>Mash tun temp
<li>sparge temp
<li>enzyme deactivation temp
<li>Mash Durashtion

<li>brew log
<li>batch code unique
<li>batch name from recipe record
<li>recipe code
<il>Fill mash tun
<li>Fill sparge kettle
<li>Fire Burners
<li>Heat Mash tun temp
<li>heat sparge target temp
<li>Grind Grain
<li>Start time
<li>strike Temp:
<li>Mash in:temp
<li>mash duration.
<li>Heat to deactivate enzymes.
<li>Sparge star <li>rest 15
<li>Boil: burner on
<li>Rolling Boil
<li>Hops in one <li>rest 15
for each hop
<li>Duration of boil
<li>Burner off
<li>rest 15
<li>pump and chill start
<li>irish mosss

<li>temp log
</ul> <li>

Need to add keg and bottle table

Status Active
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